Who has left The Traitors so far? Every murder and roundtable elimination
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 07
Host Claudia is back to amp up the drama (Picture: Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC/PA Wire)

The return of for season 2 has brightened up the beginning of 2024 for countless viewers across the UK.

Host is back with her increasingly to welcome the among them.

At the , it was revealed that three Traitors had been chosen by the presenter – events coordinator Ash, army engineer Harry and business manager Paul – before they chose a fourth person to join them – veterinary nurse Miles.

In The Traitors, there are two main ways for a contestant to be eliminated – if they are murdered by the secret backstabbers in the group, or if they are banished during a roundtable vote.

In either instance, their elimination reveals whether or not they were an innocent Faithful or a devious Traitor, much to the frustration or delight of their fellow competitors.

Days into this year’s competition, the first contestant to be brutally sent home was revealed – and it might have come as a shock to fans, considering how promising they were in the game.

Who has been eliminated from The Traitors and how did they leave?


We were sad to see Aubrey go so soon (Picture: Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC/PA)

The first person to leave this year’s series was Aubrey, who showed great promise as a Faithful who could root out Traitors.

Sadly, that was his great undoing, as the Traitors decided that the 67-year-old was too much of a risk to keep in the game.

The other contestants found out at breakfast the following day, and it’s safe to say there were plenty of shocked faces around the table.

When the Traitors were deliberating who to kill, Harry pointed out that murdering Aubrey could throw the other Faithfuls ‘off their scent’.


The Faithfuls were barking up the wrong tree when they voted for Sonja (Picture: Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC)

Shortly after Aubrey was murdered, a roundtable determined who would be the next contestant to be sent home.

The group shared their suspicions, with multiple people being put forward as suspected Traitors… but in the end, Sonja, 66, received the most votes and was banished.

Before leaving, she confirmed her identity in the game, telling the remaining contestants: ‘Well guys, facts are important to me as they obviously are to you.

‘So here’s a fact I would now like to confirm to you, and that is that I am a Faithful.’


Kyra had a lot of potential before her exit (Picture: Mark Mainz/Studio Lambert/BBC/PA Wire)

For their second kill, the Traitors selected someone who had been keeping a close eye on the Shields, winning one at the first opportunity.

Fans were furious that she was axed from the competition so quickly, with the rest of the stars of the series finding out that she’d gone when they all arrived at the breakfast table.

‘Kyra was so robbed,’ one person called Luke wrote on X.

Another fan said: ‘Gutted 😭 I liked Kyra, she was bringing so much already – someone who puts themselves in the centre of attention! The Traitors aren’t smart for using her as a victim so soon.’

Stay tuned to find out who else will be murdered and banished on this year’s series of The Traitors!

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