Who Is bubblebratz2 Tiktok? Trending Video And Details Of Social Media Star
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 30

bubblebratz2 became famous on Tiktok at a young age. She was already more well-known on other social media sites than she was on TikTok.

If you use social media right, everything can be your brand and make you money. So, the famous TikToker bubblebratz2 has broken this code and is now famous and wealthy thanks to the internet.

People know her for her content, which can be paid for or free. Her reach includes all of the big social networks you know. You can find bubblebratz in just about anything.


Who Is bubblebratz2 on Tiktok?

bubblebratz2 is an American who makes videos for Tiktok and has a lot of followers on social media.

She is best known for her videos where she lip syncs, dances, and does NFSW. In fact, she doesn’t just have one popular Tiktok account; she has several, like @bubblebratzzz and @fatherlessbubbles.

@fatherlessbubbles, which is one of her most popular Tiktok accounts, has more than 80.5k followers. In the same way, more than 4914,000 people have liked her videos.

In 2021, she posted a video that went viral because it showed “how a big shirt hides everything.” As of today, just this one TikTok has had more than 4.9 million views and 144,5 thousand hearts.

Also, in just a few days after she started her @bubblebratzzz account, it gained 2,000 followers. Even though the account is pretty active, each video has had more than 140k views.

bubblebratz2 Real Name And Age?

She goes by the name bubblebratz2, but her real name is Maddie May.

Even though she uses her Internet name on Tiktok, she prefers to be known on Instagram as Maddie May. The digital artist’s IG profile says that she has 267k followers. You can also talk to her through @bubblebratz private, which is her private Instagram account.

Also, bubblebratz2 got all of this fame when he was only 23 years old.

Different sources say that bubblebratz2 came into the world on February 2, 1999. She was born in the sign of Aquarius. And she stays true to her horoscope as a person who is unique, independent, and moving forward.

The height of bubblebratz2 is 4 feet and 11 inches. Even though she isn’t very tall, other parts of her body are naturally beautiful.

Outside Tiktok Bubble: bubblebratz2 Wikipedia

bubblebratz2 does not yet have a Wiki bio on Wikipedia sites. But the social star is often mentioned in other pages about biographies.

You can also find her Twitter bio under the handle @bubblebratz_, which has almost 5,000 followers. Her bio says that she is one of the best. 01% of only fans and 4% of fansly users are fans.

As of right now, bubblebratz2 is not publicly seen with anyone. She sticks with her fans no matter what. Also, she might be too busy with her job and managing all of her social media accounts to have time to talk to anyone.

Still, any lucky guy would be happy to settle down with her. She is fat, pretty, cute, and has a lot of money. That’s enough for everyone.

The business owner might be planning to put out new products soon. But Maddie hasn’t said what projects she has in mind for the future yet.