Who Is Hila Saada? Everything On Beauty Queen Of Jerusalem Cast – Wikipedia Bio Explored
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Israeli actress Hila Saada is best known for her roles in the rom-com tv-series Lehiyot Ita (aka Beauty and the Baker). She also portrays a central character in the series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem. Here are more details on her personal life and career.

Hila Saada

The new period drama series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will make its debut on Netflix on May 20, 2022. The series stars an Israeli actress. Since the introduction of the series, viewers all around the world have been extremely excited for it.

In Israel, where she was born and raised, Hila has achieved a great deal of notoriety. Throughout her career, she has been in a number of different television series. She is a wonderful singer in addition to being an accomplished actress. She has given live performances at a variety of events that have taken place in her nation. Find out more information about her.

Who Is Hila Saada? Age And Nationality Explored

Hila Saada is a well-known Israeli actress who has been in a number of different Israeli television series. In the Israeli television series Beauty and the Baker from 2013, she played the role of Vanessa Maimon.

In addition, Hila will be included in the upcoming series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, which is based on the best-selling book of the same title written by Sarit Yishai-Levi and will make its debut on Netflix on May 20, 2022.

The birth of the actress took place on October 12th, 1982 in the city of Migdal HaEmek in Israel.

She was born in Israel and currently has 39 years of age. She is a citizen of Israel. In Israel, she is represented by the Zohar Yakobson Agency, while in Spain, she is managed by Carcelén Management.

Hila spends a lot of time on the road, both for work and for pleasure, traveling all over the world. She has a deep affection for the work that she does. She is widely regarded as one of the most committed actresses in her nation.

Hila Saada Husband Details

Hila Sada is a married woman. She is a member of the Buhris family, which includes Eli Buhris, an Israeli data scientist and transportation engineer. The length of time that the couple has spent together now exceeds ten years.

At the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Eli earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Transportation and Highway Engineering. He then went on to earn his Master of Science degree in Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation from the same university.

In addition to that, Eli worked for the Israel Air Force as a Radar System engineer for a total of two and a half years. For a period of two years, he worked at MW Group as the Transportation Engineer. Additionally, he worked for the startup Supersmart as the Data Scientist.

At the moment, Hila’s spouse works as a Data Scientist at Rekor, an organization that is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. On her Instagram, Hila used to often share photos of her and Eli’s time together.

Hila Saada Wikipedia Biography

Hila Saada does not have a Wikipedia page. In any case, in the following, you will find some information about the Israeli actress.

Hila Saada came into the world on October 12th, 1989 in the Israeli city of Migdal HaEmek. She is a singer as well as an actress, and she has been in a number of different Israeli television series. She is a famous person in her country and is well-known there.

Following her performance in the upcoming Netflix series The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, which will make its debut on May 20, 2022, the 39-year-old actress is likely to achieve greater levels of notoriety among a more diverse range of fans.

On Instagram, the actress may be seen posting under the handle @hilasaada. On the social networking platform, she has approximately 2100 posts to her name and 91 thousand people that follow her.