Who Is Ntsika Ngxanga Wife @pammie_89? Family Details About The South African Singer
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With several accolades from both The Soil and as a solo performer, Ntsika Ngxanga is one of Mzansi’s most well-known Afro-soul vocalists.

Ntsika is completely focused on moving up the corporate ladder, and his family serves as his primary source of inspiration.

Ntsika Ngxanga

Ntsika Ngxanga wife is unknown Facts About His Wife

Although he has not made any public declarations about his marital status, Ntsika Ngxanga appears to be married.

It appears that the woman in Ntsika’s birthday photo, which he posted on Instagram and made reference to, is his wife. Ntsika’s spouse, Moeti-wama Thamaga Magakoe, can be found on Instagram as @pammie 89.

Moeti-wama has more than 3800 Instagram followers and has shared about 157 images. Moeti-Instagram wama’s account is also set to private, which suggests that she values her privacy.

He alluded to his wife as CHUMASANDE WAM in the paper, but the singer said nothing else about her. Ngxanga has not yet disclosed any information about his parents, and he still chooses to keep his wife’s identity a secret.

Magakoe appears to be an average height of 5 feet 6 inches and a weight that is appropriate for her height. She appears to take good care of herself by working out and keeping her body in shape, and based on her appearance, she even seems to be a trendy woman.

Ntsika Ngxanga Kids Who Are They?

The wife of Ntsika Ngxanga blessed him with two kids. Ntsika likes both of his children, a son named Alwande and a daughter named Olonathando.

Like a good dad, Ntsika shared a birthday photo of his kids on Instagram along with a heartfelt message. He captioned the images of his child with a lovely comment, referring to him as Big Boyz ka Tata.

The singer’s kid, who is now nine years old, was born on March 26, 2013. Aries is the astrological sign that Alwande was born under.

Olonathando, his daughter, was born on September 1, however the precise day is unknown. Olonathando was conceived under the Virgo astrological sign. The singer’s children look to be one to three years apart in age, however this hasn’t been confirmed.

Ntsika appears to be a kind parent who takes good care of his kids and enjoys spending time with them. When he has free time, he enjoys spending it with his family and his kids seem to adore him.

Who Are the parents of Ntsika Ngxanga? Facts About His Family

Although he hasn’t provided any information about his parents, Ntsika Ngxanga was born in Africa. The musician has not revealed any information about his parents or siblings, and none of his siblings have been named.

His parents appear to be involved parents who are proud of his achievements. The musical career of Ntsika has always been supported by his parents, who also wish him luck in the future.

He had aspirations of performing on stage since elementary school as a member of The Soil. He transformed the traditional jazz tunes he had grown up listening to into his own musical cosmos by using the classroom tables as drums, making every song into dancing music.

The turning point in Ngxanga’s life was when he started having dreams and hearing songs while he was sleeping, which he characterizes as “something really divine and humble.” He accepted it as a gift from God and as the means through which he would communicate his lessons of love, bravery, joy, and delight to many others.

Ntsika responded that he planned to open a coffee and tea shop that also sold muffins when asked about his goals. In addition, he is starting the Ntsika Foundation with Taffies. While he still hopes to realize those aspirations, he is now entering the fashion world with the Fez hats that are a part of his distinctive style.