Who is @vision on TikTok, and is the user connected to Mr. Hands on TikTok?
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 19

Who is @vision on TikTok, and is the user connected to Mr. Hands on TikTok?

@vision On TikTok

The prolific TikTok content producer @vision has more than 100,000 followers, but he has kept his account private for an unspecified reason.

TikTok, a website for sharing videos and audio, recently made history by being a top candidate for the social media platform because to its incredible interaction and algorithmic success throughout the pandemics.

Since there is something for everyone, all genres of material have found a niche among their diverse audiences after seeing an initial wave of success.

Although singing and dancing are its most popular genres, scientists and fact-checkers have waded into its domain as the pastime has evolved into a means of instruction for those who seek it.

Who Is TikTok User @vision?

@vision is a TikTok video creator who has primarily operated in anonymity.

His profile picture’s emblem is an Illuminati eye, suggesting that he is a member of the exclusive group that includes many of the world’s most powerful people. People were on the fence regarding the community’s existence because it was by invitation only, making it an exclusive club.

He has kept his uploads in private mode despite having more than 103 thousand followers because he does not want any more than he presently has.

Is Mr. Hands On Tik Tok Related to the Account @vision?

As the Mr. Hands narrative is circulating on the conspiratorial side of the internet, there are no ties between Mr. Hands and the TikTok account @vision.

User lordfordbored claimed that Mr. Hands, real name Kenneth Douglas Pinyan, was a sadist who would do anything to obtain a thrill.

He was a King County, Washington, citizen who was born in the 1960s and worked as an engineer.

He had the freedom to do as he pleased in the early days because the law had not yet classified the horrific acts.

Where is TikTok user @vision currently?

@vision is still using TikTok, but he has set his account to private so that only his followers can access it.

We don’t know why he did it, but the enigmatic circumstances have prompted some fans to believe it has something to do with Kenneth Pinyan, a Boeing Aircraft engineer from the 1980s.

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