Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant leaves viewers giggling after exposing behind-the-scenes secret
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 11
Jeremy couldn’t help but chuckle (Picture: ITV)

A contestant left viewers giggling after accidentally exposing a behind-the-scenes secret.

The second instalment of the new series of ’s popular game show returned to ITV tonight, and ended with one contestant unable to finish her round.

But instead of going home to come back next week, she accidentally told us what actually happens after hearing the chime.

The lights suddenly turned red as Clarkson asked: ‘Ah well, you know what that means?’

‘I have to go and get changed,’ the contestant quickly replied, before adding: ‘I’m not meant to say that, am I?!’

Both she and Clarkson were left giggling, as were viewers at home.

We thought we knew what happened when the lights went down… (Picture: ITV)
But Maria revealed what actually happened… (Picture: ITV)

He jokingly continued: ‘That’s exactly what it is, and then you’re absolutely right I’ll be seeing you in about an hour’s time.’

‘Sorry!’ she quipped, as he added: ‘But as far as the viewers are concerned, you’re going home, you’re going to be panicking, and then we’ll see you next week!’

As the audience chuckled, he clarified: ‘No you’re absolutely right, that is the end of the show, you do have to go and get changed, yeah, Maria will be back – next time it says on the autocue – to see if she can get further than £4000, and we’ll be joined by six brand new contestants all hoping to become millionaires.’

Maria was left with her head in her hands after her slip up (Picture: ITV)

‘Till then, take care, goodnight,’ Clarkson added, signing off the show.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh at the accidental moment, with one writing: ‘”I have to go and get changed” I hope she gets the million just for that.’

Another joked: ‘The big secret has finally come out.’

The new series features a devastating loss for one contestant, as Clarkson previously teased,

The presenter shared that the player actually suffered a money drop of £124,000 during the upcoming series.

Speaking at ITV’s Entertainment Launch on Tuesday, the 62-year-old Clarkson’s Farm star said: ‘I think we’ve had our biggest ever drop. Somebody went to £124,000 without a safety net and – can I say this? – they f***ed it up.’

He continued: ‘That really was an extremely alarming moment. It really, really was. Horrific. Imagine going home after you’ve lost £124,000? Unbelievable.’

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? continues next Saturday on ITV.