WWE legend Big Show reveals instant reaction to Eddie Guerrero spraying him with ‘poo’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 14, 2023 - 07:57AM
‘Big Show’ Paul Wight fondly remembers his time working with Eddie Guerrero (Picture: AEW/Lee South)

The Big Show was left howling with laughter after legend Eddie Guerrero sprayed him with ‘sewage waste’ during a wild TV skit.

The towering giant, who now appears for rival company All Elite Wrestling (AEW), shared a close bond withbefore his death aged 38 on November 13, 2005, and he even loved working with him during a particularly disgusting moment during their 2003 rivalry.

He exclusively told Metro.co.uk: ‘When you work with people that are genuinely that talented, if you just relax and open yourself and go with the jokes, it’s easy! It’s fun!

‘And while you’re doing it, after you shoot it you’re dying laughing, “Oh my God I can’t believe I just did that!” “How many times can I slip on the septic truck when I got sprayed?”

‘You have fun with it! That’s part of being an entertainer, sometimes the magic happens when you let your own inhibitions go and just relax and have fun with it, enjoy it.’

Thankfully, he had a great partner in crime with Guerrero, who is still beloved by generations of fans for the way he.

Eddie Guerrero died aged 38 in 2005 (Picture: WWE)

‘He was just so charismatic and so funny. He was so charmingly funny on TV, Eddie was. Even when he was trying to cheat, he was charming about it,’ Paul laughed.

‘He had that natural charisma and he really understood his character and how to make his audience happy. he was such a pro to work with.’

He insisted wrestlers should let themselves ‘open up’ to having fun, rather than taking things too seriously.

‘Some guys take a lot of stuff they did really seriously. That’s never been my MO, but I’m also the guy that doesn’t have a bunch of titles or pictures up in my office or any of that stuff,’ he explained.

‘I look back at what I did yesterday, I appreciate it, but I’m a “What’s today, what’s tomorrow?” kind of guy. I’m thankful for the stuff I did in the past, I’m glad I managed to entertain some people but I’m really excited about what’s next.’

That plans into, where he is more focused on enjoying himself, entertaining the fans, and giving back to the business while he can.

He added: ‘I’m always a looking forward kind of guy, I don’t really look behind that much when it comes to that kind of stuff. Maybe one day when I’m really, really old I’ll sit back and bask in all my accolades or something.

‘But right now, I’ve still got more I wanna do, and more people I wanna entertain.’