Carlo Ancelotti responds as Spanish prosecutors seek four-year prison sentence
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 08
Carlo Ancelotti has been accused of tax fraud in Spain (Reuters)

head coach Carlo Ancelotti insists he is ‘innocent’ after state prosecutors called for the to be jailed for tax fraud.

Madrid’s regional state prosecutor has accused Ancelotti of avoiding €1 million (£854,000) in tax on image rights revenues during his first spell in charge of the club in 2014-15.

Ancelotti is accused of setting up a ‘confusing’ and ‘complex’ system of shell companies in order to hide additional earnings.

Prosecutors are now demanding Ancelotti to be jailed for four years and nine months.

But speaking after Madrid’s 2-1 win against RB Leipzig in the Champions League on Wednesday, the 64-year-old insists he has already paid a fine.

‘It’s an old story that started years ago,’ he told Movistar.

‘The prosecutor’s office thinks that I was a resident [for tax purposes] and we think I wasn’t.

‘I’ve paid the fine and the money is with the prosecutor’s office.

‘I’m convinced that I’m innocent. Let’s see what the judge decides.’

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