Manchester United hero Andy Cole blasts ‘dressing room mole’
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 16, 2023 - 09:52PM
Andy Cole reckons there is a mole in Erik ten Hag’s dressing room (Picture: Getty Images)

icon Andy Cole believes there is ‘definitively a mole’ in the club’s dressing room, a clear sign that all is not well at Old Trafford.

Things are not going well on the pitch for the Red Devils, finishing last in their group, while they sit sixth in the table.

takes his side to Anfield on Sunday to take on Liverpool and things could get a lot worse for them when they take on the league-leaders.

There is also unrest off the field, with and rumours of a dressing room mole leaking stories.

Cole, who won five Premier League titles with Manchester United, is in no doubt that the rumours of a mole are true, saying it is a clear sign that the squad is not a united front.

‘There’s definitely a mole, isn’t there? Nothing comes out of a good dressing room, regardless of what’s been going on,’ Cole told .

‘Players fall out, the manager and players fall out, and these are things that you’d expect to happen in football, but if you’re in a good dressing room, nobody hears about what’s happening.

Andy Cole is in no doubt that someone is leaking information from the Manchester United dressing room (Picture: Getty Images)

‘If you’ve got that winning mentality and you want to compete, then not everybody’s going to get on due to the competitive nature of the dressing room.

‘At Manchester United now, information is being L***ed so regularly, and if the dressing room was truly united, then that wouldn’t be happening. Information usually comes out when things aren’t doing well.

‘Some players won’t be happy about their game time, the form of the team or their own form. Everything that’s coming out of the dressing room is negative and that can’t be helping the team and allowing them to move forward.’

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