Paul Scholes slams Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes after Man Utd lose at Newcastle
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 03, 2023 - 01:30PM
Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes were poor as Man Utd tasted defeat (Picture: EPA)

ripped into and after ’s damaging 1-0 defeat to Newcastle on Saturday.

Rashford put in a poor performance and was replaced after 61 minutes while Scholes slammed Fernandes for ‘upsetting the formation’ by drifting into the wrong areas, although suggested that Erik ten Hag may be to blame for it.

The scoreline of the match was perhaps misleading with Newcastle utterly dominant and deserving of more goals .

Speaking after the match, United legend Scholes was angered by Rashford’s sulking for being substituted and told Premier League Productions: ‘What is he suprised about? I don’t get it.

‘What is he thinking he should still be on the pitch for? He was causing the team more harm than good.

‘Marcus last year was brilliant and he’s got ability, there is no doubt about that. But when you decide to walk back like was, and he comes off and behaves like that, I do not think it’s good for the team.

‘And he’s one of the most experienced players now. He’s a player that players look up to. Mainoo looks up to him. Garnacho looks up to him.’

Scholes also took aim at Fernandes and added: ‘Bruno is another one. Look, he’s got fantastic ability, he can score a goal and make a goal, but I would love to be in the dressing room before a game and see what the manager is asking him to do.

‘What position is he asking him to play? Where are you supposed to be on the football pitch? I see him as a No.10, it’s his best position as he can play a pass and he can get a goal.

‘Where was he tonight? He was never in that position. I see him on the left, the right, sometimes he is the deepest Manchester United player, getting the goal off the goalkeeper.

‘I don’t think that is healthy for the team. It upsets the formation and it upsets the way of playing.

‘We don’t know, the manager might be telling him to do it, but it looks like he goes out and does what he wants on the field.’

United will look to return to winning ways when they host Chelsea at Old Trafford on Wednesday.