3c Films on TikTok: Who Are They? Cris Parker’s Superhero Films Take
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 25

3C Films, a popular TikToker who posts short videos about movies and superheroes on his TikTok account.Cris Parker, the owner of this TikTok channel, has been uploading short videos for decades. He has recently received a lot of support from his fans and those who watch his TikTok videos.

Cris has chosen tiktok as his profession, and he uploads short videos to his tiktok account on a daily basis. Furthermore, based on his views and followers, it appears that he earns a good living from this platform.

Tiktok has become the most popular social media platform for creating and discovering short videos in the twenty-first century. ByteDance, a Chinese company, created this app. Tiktok has overtaken Xoom and Peacock as the fastest growing brand in 2022.

Furthermore, on July 10, 2016, the Tiktok app was released six years ago. Tiktok was created through the merger of two popular apps, Musical.ly and Douyin, and it is now the most popular app on the planet, with over one billion active users.

3c Films on TikTok: Who Are They?

3C is a popular Tiktoker who has uploaded film review videos for Spider-Man, The Avengers, New Jeepers, Halloween Ends, Chucky Season 2 Teaser, Marvels, Deadpools, and many other films.

In his TikTok account, 3cfilms, the TikToker has 539k followers, 103 followers, and 43.6 million likes.

3c film has a distinct way of explaining the movies that have become the most popular content on his TikTok account. Most of his viewers are drawn to his short TikTok videos by his distinct, catchy voice.

Furthermore, 3c appears to be a gadget freak; he has a great gaming setup for making his TikTok and YouTube videos. The equipment he used for streaming and creating short videos appear to be very expensive, and the sound in his video is of high quality.

Cris Parker Age: What Is His Age?

Cris Parker is conscientious, despite the fact that he has kept his age a secret from his followers. However, based on Cris’ TikTok video, he appears to be between the ages of 35 and 40.

Furthermore, like other Tiktokers and celebrities, Cris may wish to keep his personal information hidden from viewers. Parker has made TikTok his profession, and he makes a good living from the social media platform.

Furthermore, his Tiktok Id C3 Flims has gained him a large number of followers and supporters. He has received a great deal of positive feedback from the audience. On TikTok, almost all of his videos have received over 500k views.

Cris Parker’s Bio Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are examples of social media platforms

Cris Parker is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. He is a social media influencer as well.

Cris, on the other hand, has been uploading his videos to his YouTube channels for decades. Cris has accumulated 473k subscribers as of July 24, 2022. He has 1272 videos on his YouTube channel and has received a lot of support from his viewers.

Cris Parter can also be found on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @3cfilm. Parter’s Instagram account has 12.1k followers, 105 followers, and 33 posts. In comparison to other social media platforms, he appears to be inactive on Instagram.

Furthermore, his Tiktok ID is genuine and has already been verified. If you want to show your support for him on TikTok, use the username @3cflims and follow him.