Did Naomie Olindo Get Plastic Surgery Or Is It Just Weight Loss? Look At The Before And After Pictures
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After a brief break, Craig Conver, Kathryn Dennis, and Venita Aspen all return to Charleston and Southern Charm for season 8 along with reality television personality Naomie Olindo.

Olindo is a successful businesswoman and well-known on social media. She gained notoriety as a result of her presence on “Southern Charm.”

She not only attends events as a reality celebrity but also takes part in charity fundraising initiatives.

When Naomie was finishing the second semester of her MBA, she started working for a company that employs prevention, stewardship, and care to break the cycle of the orphanage.

She also has a clothing brand called LABEYE. Naomie launched her own company with a friend. They are currently partners in it as well.

Naomie Olindo

Details about Naomie Olindo Diet and Exercise Program

Naomie Olindo’s look, which has changed since she joined Southern Charm in 2015, is widely praised by viewers. Between 2017 and 2018, she lost over 25 pounds.

She incorporated some extra work routines & workouts in addition to the diet & fasting to reduce weight. She used her exercise regimens to burn enough fat, Olindo continued, to regain her health and fitness.

She exercises every day to maintain her health and fitness. Although Naomie has always been a trim, toned, and fit girl, she recently increased her level of fitness. Helen, a wonderful friend of hers, has helped her along the way.

What Plastic Surgery Has Naomie Olindo Had? Pictures of the Before and After

In fact, Naomie Olindo has had plastic surgery. She received a nose job in 2018. She claimed that ever since she was a young child, she had wanted the procedure. Following the procedure, she shared a fresh batch of images showing the progression of her metamorphosis.

On her Instagram Story, Naomie posted side-by-side images of her visage before and after a nose procedure. “Ok, you guys are frightened of the recovery photographs,” she captioned the flurry of pictures she snapped while she was recovering. Her before and after surgery photos are shown here.

Her chin, cheeks, and jawline have all undergone surgery as well. The TV personality defined and smoothed out her cheekbones and chin to emphasize the sharpness of her jawline. Olindo is a person who always discusses any surgical or cosmetic procedure in an honest manner.

She asserted that people should make use of their bodies in whatever way they wished in order to be happy, even if it required medical interventions.

View Naomie Olindo Instagram Profile

On her Instagram page, Naomie Olindo is known as @naomie olindo. She frequently posts pictures and videos on Instagram because she is active there.

Her page has 708k followers and 654 posts on her profile. So, if you follow her on Instagram, you may look through a lot of posts.

She is active not only on Instagram but also on Twitter, where her handle is @naomine olindo. 67.4k people follow a reality TV celebrity who joined Twitter in October 2014.