GB News will attempt to ‘air fewer conspiracy theories’ following Covid Ofcom breach
Posted by  badge Boss on May 11
Media watchdog Ofcom confirmed an episode of the Mark Steyn Show that aired on October 4 2022 breached rules (Picture: GB News)

GB News is reportedly looking to air less discussion over conspiracy theories after  ruled a previous episode breached its code.

On Tuesday [May 9] the regulator confirmed the channel has been found in breach of broadcasting rules over comments made about the vaccine on Mark Steyn’s show.

Dr Naomi Wolf – who was a guest on the show at the time – claimed the vaccine rollout amounted to a pre-meditated crime and used the term ‘mass murder’.

She also claimed the rollout was comparable to the actions of ‘doctors in pre-Nazi Germany’.

Ofcom said it received 422 complaints that alleged these comments were ‘dangerous’ and included ‘misinformation’ that went ‘unopposed’.

Following the ordeal, an insider told : ‘There are less crazy conspiracy theories late at night. made a £30m loss last year, the channel is run on a tight budget and it can’t afford to be fined.’

GB News launched in June 2021 (Picture: GB News/PA)
Dr Naomi Wolf made ‘serious claims’ about the Covid-19 vaccine (Picture: Twitter)

In response to Tuesday’s Ofcom ruling, Mark told ‘Ofcom is exceeding its statutory authority in a way none of its predecessor entities – the IBA, the Radio Authority, etc – ever did.

‘It has become a kangaroo court, micromanaging UK media coverage on critical aspects of public policy in ways that deeply damage free and open discourse in a land that was once the crucible of liberty.

‘I am already taking Ofcom to court over their previous decision, and we will add this to the charge sheet.’

Mark .

He also alleged that he would be financially responsible for any potential Ofcom fines rather than GB News.

Mark added that, in the event of a fine, he would be the ‘one who has to pay the £40,000 fine or whatever it is.’ has reached out to GB News for comment.