Geri Horner (5ft 1in) takes on Anthony Joshua (6ft 6ins) in playfight
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 23, 2023 - 02:26PM
Geri Horner and Anthony Joshua are old mates (Picture: Getty Images)

Anthony Joshua found out what happens when you mess with a Spice Girl after being fake-punched by Geri Horner. 

The Grand Prix in Austin attracted a bevy of A-listers on Sunday with , , and Drew Barrymore among the stars attending the star-studded sports event. 

Former heavyweight champion Anthony, 34, and popstar Geri, 51, bumped into each other and it was like old friends larking around as they pretended to spar – or, more like Ginger Spice showed AJ the fist. 

During their fun encounter, pint-sized Geri is seen fake-punching Anthony – who stands at 6ft6 – on the arm. He humoured the singer by pretending to recoil but it was all laughs between them as Anthony was in hysterics at Geri’s banter. After shaking hands, the two became engrossed as Geri showed the boxer something on her phone. 

Anthony and Geri go way back as they were last pictured together at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in 2017. The two posed for photos on the red carpet and embraced hands in what seemed to be their first meeting. 

Geri is a regular fixture at the Grand Prix and was 49, who is the Team Principle for Red Bull and won yesterday’s race with driver Max Verstappen. The Belgian-Dutch driver’s victory meant Sir , but he eventually lost that position after being disqualified. 

The Spice Girls star gave the boxer a run for his money (Picture: Getty Images)
Anthony was loving Geri’s confidence (Picture: Getty Images)
The two go way back and first met in 2017 (Picture: Getty Images)
At 6ft6, Anthony towers over the pint-sized popstar (Picture: Getty Images)
Geri later showed Anthony something on her phone (Picture: Getty Images)

Celebrating Christian’s latest win, Geri shared photos of her and their children at the Grand Prix with the caption: ‘You did it @christianhorner. Great weekend in Austin.’ 

The family photo featured Christian’s daughter Olivia, 10, and his and Geri’s son Monty, six. The singer is also mother to 17-year-old daughter Bluebell who was not pictured at the event. 

It’s no wonder Anthony was pleased to see Geri and other humans after spending four days locked away in a dark room – and paying £2,000 for the privilege. 

A day after his birthday on October 15, the sports star immersed himself in total, pitch-black darkness in order to recalibrate. 

Speaking to , he explained: ‘At the time it will be the worst thing ever, but then I think when I come out, I will say I wish I had done more.

‘No phone. No TV. No radio. No audiobooks. Nothing.’ 

He continued: ‘Life is all about experiences. I want to have more character and go through more experiences.

‘I’m doing it for character. If I go for a walk in the woods, enjoy the scenery, the birds chirping, I’m going for peace.

‘In this, though, it’s just me and my mind.’ 

Anthony had no contact with other people and food was slipped under a door on a tray. He’s preparing for his next big fight with his promoter Eddie Hearn hoping to lock an opponent in for December or January.