Jeremy Clarkson reveals how health condition increases his risk of dementia
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 28, 2023 - 12:25PM
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he is now at increased risk of developing dementia (Picture: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

has shared that his worseninghas put him at an increased .

, 63, has explained how his ‘body doesn’t really work anymore’, with things like his eyesight and balance affected.

However, he’s said the ‘worst’ problem he has is his hearing.

Detailing how some may think he has ‘selective hearing’, Jeremy has said he’s encountered ‘unkind’ comments and reactions when he’s asked people to repeat themselves over the years.

‘This is weird. If you are mildly inconvenienced by someone in a wheelchair, you don’t swear at them and shove them down the nearest flight of stairs. You see they have a disability and make allowances. So why the spittle-infused rage when I cup my hand to my ear and say: “I’m sorry, what was that you said?”,’ he wrote in his column for .

After experiencing this issue for the past 12 years, Jeremy said he has learnt to ‘cope’ with it, however he was recently told his hearing could put him at greater risk of dementia.

It comes after he was also warned to give up his smoking and then nicotine patch habit (Picture: Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle/GC Images)

‘I was told after my most recent medical that hearing loss will double the chance of me catching dementia. Maybe it’s already happening. That would explain why I can never find my spectacles,’ he wrote.

‘I decided therefore to seek medical help,’ he added.

Since that appointment, Jeremy has now undertaken further tests and is now using hearing aids.

‘They’re very snazzy and extremely clever. At drinks parties they will automatically dial down the background twaddle. I can also Bluetooth them to my phone, and while I haven’t read the instruction book yet (and never will), I bet you any money I will be able to program them to mute certain sounds,’ he explained.

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According to the NHS, the risk of getting dementia almost doubles if you have an untreated mild hearing loss.

With moderate hearing loss, the risk triples and severe untreated hearing loss means people are five times more likely to develop dementia.

It is not fully known why there is a link between dementia and hearing loss but it has been noted that wearing hearing aids sooner could help reduce the risk.

He has now said he will be wearing hearing aids (Picture: Amazon Prime Video)

Earlier this year Jeremy also shared that his lifelong smoking habit had seen this GP warn him to ‘quit immediately’.

While he ‘bit the bullet’ and had cut down on his ’40-a-day habit’ six years ago by starting to use nicotine gum, Jeremy wrote in his column for The Sun that his doctor had said it was ‘causing a worrying rise in my blood pressure’.

It came after the former Top Gear presenter was also hospitalised with pneumonia whilst on holiday in Mallorca in 2017.

During his 43 years heavily smoking, Jeremy calculated he would have smoked around 630,000 cigarettes.

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