Jeremy Vine reveals moment he was almost ‘kebabed’ on his bike
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 07, 2023 - 12:18AM
It was another close call for Jeremy Vine (Picture: Reuters)

It appears that every time cycles through he takes his life into his own hands – and he was almost ‘kebabed’ earlier today.

The TV presenter and radio host, 58, in the capital for many years now, sharing the videos on X, formerly Twitter.

And this morning he recorded the moment he was almost ‘kebabed’ by a van that turned into his path on Tavistock Place, near Euston station.

As Vine approaches a crossing on the busy road, the footage from his headcam zooms in on a large white van, which attempts to turn right in front of him.

After trying to slow down, Vine shouts, ‘No! No! No!’ and slams on his breaks. Approaching the driver, he asks, ‘What are you doing? You don’t even look!’

The driver of the van responds by telling Vine that he was ‘going this way’, before Vine cuts him off by saying, ‘You have to wait, yeah? It’s [priority for] oncoming.’

Once the discussion ends, Vine utters ‘Jesus’ under his breath – the unknown driver and Vine then apologise to each other before going about their days.

A graphic then appears over the top of the footage, saying, ‘I nearly got taken out by a kebab van’, before pointing out that the van was not indicating to turn right.

Responding to Vine’s post, one social media user joked, saying ‘Shish, that was close!’ while others jibed that Vine was nearly ‘skewered’ by the oncoming errant driver.

It’s not the first time in recent weeks that the Channel 5 talk show host has been involved in a near-collision while cycling on London roads.

The Radio 2 DJ captured the close call (Picture: Twitter)
And it’s not the first time a large white van has caused Vine problems (Picture: Twitter)

In September, a while stationary on a crossing – it resulted in Vine having to bang on the van’s door to alert the driver.

The Radio 2 DJ has almost 800,000 followers on the social media platform.

Back in May, he was who accused him of ‘provoking other human beings’ with his behaviour while cycling.

The driver said to Vine: ‘You [know what you are doing]. You guys are very provoking human beings, and I don’t know why you do it.’