Joe Lycett channels his inner Catherine Zeta-Jones in hilarious clip: ‘Who wore it best?’
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 25, 2022 - 03:06AM
Joe really is the gift that keeps on giving (Picture: BBC)

has once again proven that he truly is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

The 34-year-old comedian has hilariously recreated a video that originally posted, which left some fans pretty baffled.

The Addams Family star had shared a clip of herself having a great time as she sung: ‘It’s Christmas time and I’ve got my karaoke out. Oh yeah, oh yeah.

‘Next to the Gretsch and keyboard. Oh yeah, I’m ready. Bring it on Santa.’

The 53-year-old star had filmed herself looking over the camera and swaying her head before panning it around to her electric guitar and disco lights.

The comedian hilarious recreated the clip (Picture: @joelycett)

‘I think she’s had a glass or two of sherry,’ one fan had laughed in the comments.

Joining in on the fun, Joe recreated his own version with a towel over his head to make up for Catherine’s hair.

‘It’s Christmas time and I’ve got my cushion with Nicolas Cage on. Oh yeah, oh yeah,’ he sung.

He showed off his Nicolas Cage sequined cushion (Picture: @joelycett)
And his iconic Margaret Thatcher statue (Picture: @joelycett)

Referring to his , he continued: ‘Statue of Theresa May and keyboard. Oh yeah, I’m ready. Bring it on Santa.’

Joe shared clips of a sequined cushion of Nicholas Cage’s face, and his own home-made statue of Theresa May.

‘Who wore it best?’ he captioned the video.

Viewers were of course delighted, with one writing: ‘I live for these’ as another penned: ‘Absolutely smashed it.’