Netflix viewers left feeling ‘sick to my stomach’ over ‘dark and twisted’ true crime series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 22, 2022 - 01:23PM

Viewers have been left feeling pretty traumatised after watching , while praising the fact that it doesn’t glamourize

The drama takes a look back at the life of one of America’s most infamous serial killers, played by star

Dahmer was convicted of brutally killing 17 victims in total, all male, between the years of 1978 and 1991.

Following his capture by police, he was eventually imprisoned in 1992.

Dahmer operated in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the United States and while still at large, he was referred to as the Milwaukee Monster by the media.

He was eventually caught when a victim of his managed to escape from captivity and flag down two police officers.

Once in prison, Dahmer died at the age of 34 after being beaten to death by another inmate.

Evan Peters plays the cannibal serial killer in Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (Picture: Netflix / BACKGRID)
Dahmer was convicted of brutally killing 17 victims (Picture:: Kypros/REX/Shutterstock)

The ten-part series is told through the lives of the victims who were impacted by the systemic racism and institutional failures of the police that allowed Dahmer to continue his killing spree from 1978 to 1991.

It also focuses on errors made by the Wisconsin police forces during their hunt for him, and has been praised by viewers for not glamourising serial killers.

‘”Please let’s not romanticise or glamorise Jeffrey Dahmer.” Why is everybody repeating that? They must have not actually watched this. There is no romanticizing or glamorizing,’ one person wrote.

Another penned: ‘If anyone thinks that the Dahmer series was made to glorify another serial killer, it definitely doesn’t. It left me with tears in my eyes and had me sick to my stomach, and 100% paints him as the monster he was.’

A third wrote: ‘I was kinda p***ed that there was another Jeffrey Dahmer show on Netflix but I think this one was needed. Most of the time serial killer shows get portrayed with an attractive persona. And sometime they almost glorify the actual person. But this new show is just repulsing.’

The same viewer added: ‘It shows the victims side and makes you feel the terror the victims had. I’ve only watch two episodes and I’ve felt so much anxiety. It’s honestly really really hard to watch. Evan peters acting skills are mortifying in this.’

Others have highlighted how ‘dark’ and ‘twisted the show is, with one writing: ‘I just tried watching that new Jeffrey Dahmer show on Netflix & I had to shut it off the energy it was giving was so dark.’

‘I’m so glad Netflix has released the Dahmer story, I’m so fascinated by his twisted self,’ someone else wrote.

The first half of the chilling trailer sees Dahmer on the prowl for his next victim in a club, before disturbing scenes of men looking helpless locked in Dahmer’s grotty apartment surrounded by beer cans and a pneumatic drill.

Also in the  drama is Niecy Nash who portrays Glenda Cleveland, Dahmer’s real-life neighbour who continuously alerted officers to his worrying behaviour but to no avail.

Cleveland’s terrified voice tells as while we see a man restrained to Dahmer’s bed: ‘What do you do in there? The smells. Power tools going through all hours of the night.

The ‘twisted’ series has left viewers feeling sick (Picture: Netflix)

‘I hear screaming coming from your apartment.’

The second half of the teaser sees Dahmer try to placate Cleveland during a visit to her flat as she grows increasingly suspicious.

Handing her a ‘meat’ sandwich, Dahmer looks glassy-eyed as he instructs her to ‘eat it now.’

A terrified Cleveland rejects the offering, telling Dahmer ‘I don’t know what’s in that’ as a sinister smile washes over his face.

Next we see Dahmer in the kitchen smacking his lips as he devours slowly a piece of meat, telling viewers ‘it’ just meat’. Eek.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is available to watch on Netflix.