PlayStation 6 could be out by 2027 suggests redacted Sony document
Posted by  badge Boss on 5 days ago
What comes next? (pic: Sony)

Sony seem to already have a date in mind for their next next generation console, as they imply it will be out sometime around 2027.

It’s a rule of thumb that as soon as one new console launches work on the next one begins, but thanks to the pandemic the release of the PlayStation 5, and Series X/S, has been a very peculiar one.

Stock has been limited and there’s been relatively few new games, particularly from Microsoft, so while it’s normally easy to predict when you’ll start to hear about a new generation of hardware – by just adding five years onto the launch date – this time all bets are off.

Or maybe not. Thanks to Microsoft’s ongoing attempts to acquire Activision , Sony has implied that it plans to release the PlayStation 6 in 2027 or shorty after.

While to the latest CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) report attempted to paint itself as the industry underdog, Sony’s own statement is more concerned with how losing access to Call Of Duty could affect its bottom line – even though Microsoft has promised to keep it multiformat for .

Sony states that they are planning a new console after the PlayStation 5, which is a mini revelation in itself, and they’re worried that by that time Call Of Duty will be an exclusive.

‘Microsoft said that it plans to offer Call Of Duty on PlayStation only ‘as long as it makes sense.’ A period until 2027 – or some other (possibly shorter) time that Microsoft unilaterally determines ‘makes sense’ to Microsoft – is badly inadequate,’ states Sony.

‘By the time that SIE launched the next generation of its PlayStation console (which is likely to occur around REDACTED), it would have lost access to Call Of Duty and other Activision titles, making it extremely vulnerable to consumer switching and subsequent degradation in its competitiveness.’

2027 or after is certainly the sort of time you would expect to see the PlayStation 6 and the redaction implies that Sony does have a specific time in mind already, since the redacted text is clearly just four characters.

Many have wondered whether streaming might make consoles unnecessary in the future but regardless of Microsoft’s insistence that it’s an ‘immature technology’ the real problem is broadband speeds and reliability, which is not something you can make accurate predictions about this far in advance.

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