Ric Flair thought he died in terrifying ‘cannabis coma’ after getting high with Mike Tyson
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 09
Ric Flair tried to keep up Mike Tyson on a wild night (Picture: Getty)

Ric Flair felt like he was in a ‘cannabis coma’ after a wild night with .

The WWE Hall of Famer – who launched his own marijuana line under the boxing legend’s Tyson 2.0 cannabis brand last year – was reminded of his own 2017 health scare when he was for 30 days due to kidney and heart-related issues.

Flair, 74, admitted the experience left him ‘screwed up’ in the immediate aftermath, after getting ‘so high’ that he thought he was dead.

“I got so high with Mike [Mike Tyson] one night in the Hamptons that I went into a cannabis coma. I actually thought I died,’ he told .

‘They brought my back to my room, and I laid there and I wasn’t aware of anything. I kept asking them to touch me, like you do when you think you’ve been hurt.

‘People were squeezing my hand. I would be talking to them, and they wouldn’t talk back to me. I was on a delayed process.’

Tyson and Flair went into business together last year (Picture: Twitter)

The Nature Boy was asking asking himself if he had died, noting that his conscious thought was the main thing separating the experience from his 2017 coma.

‘I said to myself, “Did I die? Have I just died? I feel like I did when I was in my coma, but I can think, and I don’t think I could think in my coma,”‘ he recalled.

‘That’s the way I was talking to myself. All of a sudden, at three in the morning, I sat up in a blur and went, “I’m alive. I’m back.” I called someone on the , “Is this really you?” That’s how screwed up I got.’

Flair admitted he was trying to keep up with Tyson and went beyond his usual tolerance, adding: ‘I just said, ‘I’m gonna smoke as much as you right now brother.’

Last summer, Flair returned to the ring for his final retirement match, teaming with son-in-law Andrade El Idolo in a winning effort against Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal.