Richard Osman’s secret about Ross and Diane from The Traitors has finished us off
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 24
Thank you Richard Osman for this great Ross from The Traitors intel (Picture: BBC)

A huge bombshell behind Ross and Diane’s secret in has some from an unlikely source… .

It’s been three weeks since the nation collectively gasped when Diane sniggered ‘Paul couldn’t be my son…. ,’ and no one is over it.

House of Games host Richard, who of course has , has really knocked us with this brand new information though, which just makes the whole moment even more iconic.

On his , The Rest is Entertainment, he told co-host Marina Hyde: ‘I was talking to someone on the team and they had to keep it a secret, even in the production office, that Diane and Ross were mother and son and because it was Diana and Ross their code name was… The Supremes. ‘

Of course, since the killer line was delivered, and had the campest send off imaginable.

The traitors were tasked with offering a poisoned chalice to a faithful of their choice, who would be Ki**ed off if they were the first contestant to take a sip from it.

Codename: The Supremes 👀

The moment Diane realised the faithfuls knew her son was in the castle too… but not Ross (Picture: BBC)

Diane’s love for fizzy rosé ended up being her downfall as she gleefully accepted the chalice from Miles and guzzled down her night cap, unaware it was to be the death of her.

As the poison took its time to finish her off, Claudia lead Diane to her own coffin and slammed the door shut but not before she managed to say a sneaky .

Just when it seemed as though the Diana-Ross storyline was over, Harry and Andrew recruited Ross as a traitor unaware he is desperate to get revenge for his mother’s death.

Films have won Oscars for less.

The Traitors continues Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One and is also available on BBC iPlayer.