Support hero Kiriko rumoured to join Overwatch 2
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 08
Overwatch 2 – who’s this foxy new character? (pic:

2 is set to hit our screens in less than a month and the latest leak reveals a new support hero joining the game.

Developer has already confirmed two new heroes will appear in Overwatch 2: tank class hero Junker Queen and damage hero Sojourn. 

Assuming the developers are planning to release a new character for every class in the game, then the only one missing at the moment would be a support hero. 

While nothing has been officially said yet, fox character Kiriko is believed to be the one to fill that role.

Kiriko was kind of confirmed by Blizzard through a since-removed description update on BattleNet and a fox has also appeared in many Overwatch 2 teaser clips. 

There’s already been speculation that Kiriko’s fox-like abilities could be used to boost her teammates’ speed, like existing support hero Lucio. 

This would make Kiriko an interesting addition, as it would mean a support type that isn’t just the bog standard healer role.

If the info turns out to be correct, then anyone who chooses to unlock the Season 1 Premium Battle Pass will automatically get access to Kiriko.  

The Premium Battle Pass will also seemingly feature two high-tier skins: Legendary Hinotori Kiriko and Mythic Cyber Demon Genji. 

For those who don’t feel like paying for the battle passes, Overwatch 2 will introduce a new system of free tracks to unlock the latest heroes. 

Developer Jon Spector confirmed this through a post on Twitter, but also pointed out that the information is incomplete. 

When asked about what happens if players don’t reach the level required to unlock new heroes, Spector said that the game will have free paths in future seasons too. 

Overwatch 2 launching with three new characters is more than was initially expected and should help shake up the current meta and gameplay.

Thankfully you won’t need to start completely from scratch, as the game .  

Though it’d be wise to merge your accounts before Overwatch 2 launches to be able to grind from day one.  

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