Tom Holland’s 2012 tweet resurfaces and it’s bad, it’s really bad
Posted by  badge Boss on 3 weeks ago
Tom Holland was clearly a legend at 16 (Picture: @TomHolland1996/Getty Images)

Poor Tom Holland probably wishes he’d done a bit of a purge after recent events. But, alas… he didn’t. And here we are.

The at the same time as social media was born. All us late twenty-somethings know what it was like when Facebook status’ were a chaotic free-for-all, and Twitter was like a personal diary.

Little did we know, these things, er, stick. And little did Tom probably know that one day his humble X account – formerly Twitter – would have.

Some of these followers found it fun yesterday to go back a decade to Tom’s early posting days. What they found was priceless. Pure 2012 vintage gold.

Enter 16-year-old Tom, who clearly had a very, very, er… good sense of humour.

‘I’m a pirate arrrrrrr,’ he wrote, alongside a selfie of the Marvel superstar with a budgie on his shoulder. Don’t worry Tom, we’ve all been there. But this isn’t leaving our heads anytime soon.

Shiver my timbers! (Picture: @TomHolland1996)
He seems to have since matured… (Picture: Nina Westervelt/Variety via Getty Images)

Fans were loving the throwback and many put their own stamp on the picture, as one wrote: ‘Me when I don’t want to pay for a Netflix subscription just to watch 1 show.’

Another person said: ‘I‘ve thought about this tweet 3 times this week.’

This comes as perhaps another birthday present for his Dune megastar girlfriend Zendaya, who turned 27 yesterday.

Tom celebrated his girlfriend Zendaya’s 27th birthday yesterday (Picture: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)
He posted this funny picture of her… but look who’s laughing now (Picture: Instagram/Tom Holland)

While the Hollywood sweethearts are pretty private about their two-year romance, Tom made an exception for the Euphoria actress’ special day.

Taking to , the Avengers star couldn’t resist poking fun at Zendaya as of her sporting a wetsuit with a mighty thumbs-up.

Tom wrote alongside the photo, ‘My birthday girl,’ with a heart eye emoji.

Jokes aside, Tom did follow up the post with another more loving picture of Zendaya on a park stroll, which he captioned with a few smiling, love-eyed emoji.

Karma is a cruel mistress, Tom…