Trailer for Netflix’s LGBT teen drama Heartstopper has fans in bits and ‘sobbing’ their eyes out
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 13

Netflix has left fans in tears of joy after dropping the trailer for the hotly-anticipated new .

The eight-episode series follows the blossoming love story between ‘gentle’ Charlie and ‘rugby-playing’ Nick in a British secondary school.

The heartfelt drama will be a faithful adaptation of the series of graphic novels of the same name by Alice Osman, complete with Osman-style illustrations and animations.

Included in these illustrations are little leaves, which Twitter users have now added to their names in support of the growing fandom.

As their friendship blossoms into romance, Charlie and Nick, as well as their circle of friends, try and navigate the ‘ever-relatable journey of self-discovery and acceptance, supporting each other as they learn to find their most authentic selves,’ according to the show’s synopsis.

Featuring Joe Locke as Charlie Spring and Kit Connor as Nick Nelson, the series is set to premiere on April 22.

The trailer follows the blossoming relationship between Charlie and Nick (Picture: Netflix)

When, fans were left in bits, sharing their overwhelming excitement ahead of the release, with one writing at the time: ‘I’m so excited I’m gonna sob’.

Now, emotions have reached a new level as the trailer has dropped, with one fan writing: ‘My heart is literally over the moon with the Heartstopper trailer!!!’

Another penned: ‘Glances, hand holding, the little things, everyone deserves to find love like that, especially young LGBTQ kids. Something hopeful for them to see.’

‘This is exactly how I imagined it in my head when reading the books. The cast, the sets, the characters personalities, it’s insane to me how much thought and care went behind adapting Heartstopper. I feel like crying, I can’t believe they’re finally here,’ another overjoyed fan concluded.

Netflix added the announcement that Sebastian Croft would be in the series, and teased with images of Taoelle and Taradarcy, another relationship followed in the storyline.

Osman, in an interview with , recently spoke about how important it was for their graphic novel to teach readers ‘about the issues and tensions that young LGBTQ+ people face.’

‘It’s through stories like this that straight and cis people can improve their empathy,’ the author shared.

‘I’ve had so many people reach out to me saying, “It’s so nice to see someone like me in this comic just falling in love and having a cute little romance”, but also from people saying, “Nick’s journey has helped me come to terms with being bisexual”, and stuff like that.

‘For me, that’s the most wonderful thing.’

Heartstopper premieres 22 April on Netflix.