Vera Wang, 74, reveals McDonald’s and donuts are behind her youthful looks
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 23, 2023 - 09:29PM
Vera Wang opened up about her diet in a new interview (Picture: WireImage)

Vera Wang has revealed the secrets behind her youthful appearance, and it’s finally something that we can get behind.

The fashion designer previously went viral after sharing a string of snaps on Instagram, .  

However, in a new chat, the 74-year-old and insisted that she still lives off fast food – and orders every single day when she’s in the mood for it.

‘I do eat McDonald’s, absolutely,’ she explained. ‘I order it every day, like two weeks on it, and then I’ll change.’

We wonder what her order could be…

As well as this, Vera also confirmed that she loves a Dunkin’ Donuts visit when she’s in the mood for something a little sweeter.

‘I like the cream-filled, sugar-coated donut,’ she continued to . ‘It’s like a jelly donut, but it’s cream inside, vanilla cream. I like the pink with sprinkles, too.’

Despite loving her snacks, the fashion icon put down to hard work and remaining active.

‘Basically, I’ve worked my whole life, so it’s really been about work,’ she added. ‘I think work keeps you young and stimulated.

‘I work very long hours, I’ve raised two daughters. I think keeping busy is the best antidote [for] good health.’

In 2020, Vera sparked a huge reaction just moments after uploading a snap of herself at a property in Miami, where she happened to be locked down with some colleagues.

She posted the snap to show off her jazzy hair accessory, but followers were more interested in where she had been hiding the fountain of youth.

Unpacking the reaction in a chat with People Magazine earlier this year, she suggested that people have the wrong idea of what people in her age range actually look like.

‘I guess it’s just that people have an idea of what 70 looks like today. I have so many friends that are 65 to 70 that look fabulous,’ she told the outlet.

Vera revealed her surprise over the photos going viral (Picture: Instagram)

‘But I have to say that hopefully, it’s a good thing. I hope it makes women feel more comfortable with themselves or are confident, or there are many definitions of what a woman can be.’

‘Nobody believes me when I say it, but working keeps you young. It keeps your mind young, and your spirit up and your relevance up, which I think affects your body.

‘I have to say, sleep, staying out of the sun without sunblock, and good lighting is everything too!

‘And, one of the things I am known to like to do is have a vodka cocktail. There’s no question about that, I do. I have a vodka at some point after five or six o’clock, maybe towards seven.’

McDonald’s washed down with cocktails and a donut for dessert? Count us in.