Writer of Post Office Scan**l TV drama reveals ‘astounded’ reaction
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 09
‘None of us expected this,’ the writer of the ITV drama said (Picture: ITV/Rex/Shutterstock)

The writer behind has revealed how ‘ecstatic’ postmasters are and how ‘astounded’ she is by the impact of the moving drama.

In the days since the four-part series starring and was released, there has been an across the nation over the that occurred.

The programme depicts the devastating , which saw hundreds of postmasters wrongfully accused of crimes including theft and fraud, leading to several prison convictions and long-lasting impacts on people’s personal and professional lives.

It emerged that the false accusations and convictions came down to a faulty IT system, with some victims who were affected still fighting for justice to this day.

Since Mr Bates vs the Post Office aired in the new year, politicians have been intensely grilled about the controversy, with the Metropolitan Police confirming that the , and that he would support a review into the CBE that was awarded to former Post Office boss Paula Vennells.

A petition , which was originally launched three years ago, has now reached after receiving a huge surge of support.

Gwyneth Hughes wrote the critically-acclaimed drama (Picture: Jonathan Ford/ITV/PA Wire)
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Following the release of the drama, writer Gwyneth Hughes – who spent three years researching the story – said that she was ‘completely astounded’ by the response, adding that ‘the postmasters are ecstatic’.

‘None of us expected this. I thought it was quite a niche story which would get respectable viewing figures but I was completely wrong,’ she said, reported.

Gwyneth explained how her initial interviews with postmasters were conducted over Zoom during the pandemic, before she was able to travel around the country to meet them, ‘not a single one of whom deserves what happened to them’.

The real Mr Bates appeared on This Morning after the release of the series (Picture: ITV)

Speaking of the impact of Mr Bates vs the Post Office and how it’s sparked important conversations, she added: ‘If you want to really get people’s attention, tell them a story. And in this case, a true story.’

This week, the real Mr Bates – Alan Bates – appeared on This Morning, where he after his ordeal.

Joined by his wife Suzanne, Richard said in a message to the Post Office Scan**l victim: ‘Dear Alan, I did get a chance to read your moving interview in The Times, and we’d love to offer you and Suzanne a well earned holiday on Necker Island.

‘I can’t think of anyone who deserves a break more. Hopefully see you there. Best, Richard.’

Alan appeared visibly choked up by the gesture, saying that it was ‘much needed’ and ‘very much appreciated’.

Mr Bates vs The Post Office is available to watch on ITVX.