Monty Don heartbroken over beloved dog Nell’s death after cancer diagnosis
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 22, 2023 - 11:09AM
Monty Don has shared some sad news (Picture: themontydon/Instagram)

has shared his devastation over , who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

The who is known for his love of and often appears on our screens alongside members of his furry family, took to to share the heartbreaking news – three years after the

He wrote: I was going to tell you about my new book which is published next week but that can wait because my lovely dear Nell died last night.

‘She was diagnosed with cancer in June and every day this has been a gift but it is over now.

‘We buried her in the garden next to Nigel wrapped in one of my jackets with flowers, balls and her favourite biscuits.

‘Her end was peaceful and dignified and ended obvious suffering but it never gets any easier to bear.

‘So life goes on, but for the moment we are very, very sad.’

Nell tragically was diagnosed with cancer (Picture: themontydon/Instagram)
Nell has been buried in the garden next to Nigel, Monty revealed (Picture: themontydon/Instagram)

Fans rushed to the comments to share their condolences, with one writing: ‘Truly heart broken, so sorry to hear this xxx.’

Another said: ‘I’m just simply your fan, gardening beginner and a dog owner as well. And the way this your sad message just touched me is unbelievable even to me. We can feel the love you have and give to all your dogs through TV. Rest in peace sweet Nell, it was lovely to know you ??.’

Interior Design Masters judge Michelle Ogundehin added: ‘We might think that the pain of losing a dog is less than that of losing a person, but it’s not. They are family. I’m so sorry. ????.’

Monty (real name Montagu Denis Wyatt Don) frequently appeared on screen at Longmeadow with his golden retriever, Nigel, until the dog died in May 2020.

Monty appeared on Gardener’s World with Nell (Picture: themontydon/Instagram)

Following, which happened shortly before his 12th birthday, Monty got golden retriever called Nell, and then a Yorkshire Terrier called Patti.

He confirmed a year ago that for Nigel.

‘On a day when we are sharing a deep sense of sadness and loss, I went to choose the new bright innocent and irresistibly charming member of our family, replacing Nigel’, he wrote on Instagram.

Nigel died tragically after suffering from ‘violent fits all night’, Monty previously shared.

Speaking on an episode of the Griefcast podcast, he recalled his conversations with vets at the time and how difficult it was to work while he worried about his pet.

‘So, I filmed Gardeners’ World with this going on and all day phone calls were coming in saying, “We’ve tried this drug and it’s not working”,’ he shared.

‘Finally, the drug they used was the drug they used to put dogs down in a small dose and they said, “To be honest, we should just up the dose and that will end it”.

‘He’d had a brain tumour, and at that moment the tumour had grown.’