The Marvels has worst film debut in MCU history
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 14, 2023 - 07:57AM

has made – just not in the way many would expect as the superhero film debuts with the worst opening weekend of the franchise.

The latest film in the wildly popular franchise follows ’s Carol Danvers, aka , who has reclaimed her identity from the Kree and enacted her revenge on the Supreme Intelligence.

However, in the aftermath, she is left with the burden of a destabilised universe which she endeavours to rescue with the help of ().

Despite high expectations for the film following the likes of 2023 hits , , and the second season of on , The Marvels has achieved the worst opening weekend in Marvel history.

The film made just $47million (£38million) in its first weekend in the US, according to the .

Worldwide, it raked in $110.3million (£90million), making it the second-lowest opening weekend worldwide in Marvel history.

The Marvels sees Brie Larson reprise her role as Captain Marvel (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
The film has broken records for Marvel – as it’s lowest opening weekend in the US (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)

 made box office history in 2019 by taking $1.2billion (£980million) in global ticket sales in its opening run, breaking records.

Brie and Vellani are joined by a star-studded cast for The Marvels featuring Park Seo-joon, , , , and .

The film was directed by , famed for helming 2021 horror remake .

The Little Woods director spoke about working alongside Room actor Larson and folding her story into Ms Marvel’s.

‘Brie was so excited and a real advocate for bringing the two other women into the movie. And part of what I think works so well about it is that she has a foil,’ she told .

Brie previously opened up on her reluctance to enter the MCU (Picture: Marvel Entertainment)
The Room actor said the pressure of international stardom made her ‘scared’ (Picture: Laura Radford)

‘She finally has people who are, you know, heroes as well, and also having their own issues and issues with her or a specific relationship with her that she has to sort out.’

Speaking to earlier this year, Larson revealed that taking on the role of Captain Marvel was something she found daunting at first.

‘I was scared of what would happen to me,’ she said. ‘I was like, “What world is this, where these are the choices I have to make as an artist”‘

She added: ‘“Anytime I feel like I’m being put too much on a pedestal, it’s my job to figure out how to remove that within myself.’

The Marvels is in cinemas now.